Board Nominations 2021

Every May the New York Wine & Grape Foundation (NYWGF) Board of Directors meets to elect members of the industry to board seats with expiring terms. The term of office for directors is three years and there are currently 21 members of the Board of Directors. Thirteen (13) board seats are statutorily mandated by the law that created NYWGF in 1985, and there are eight (8) at large board seats. NYWGF aims to establish a Board comprised of Directors representing a diversity of regions, business sizes and models, demographics, and functional expertise. 

The NYWGF Board of Directors is a “self perpetuating” board by virtue of our bylaws. The Foundation feels that it is important to gather valuable feedback and input from industry members and stakeholders. While voting is not a ‘right’ of membership, we do prioritize being transparent in this process and we appreciate your input and guidance. Please note that the nominations will all be reviewed, but that the final board member nominee(s) may come from the internal board process itself.

This year, the NYWGF Board of Directors is seeking nominations for three board seats: one (1) Wine Retailer defined as, “A person engaged in the retail sale of wine for off premises consumption,” and two (2) At Large Seats.  The NYWGF Board will review the nominations and vote to elect new Board Directors at its May 25th Board Meeting.

The submission period
has ended.  


Our Board of Directors

Gerry Barnhart

Victory View Vineyards

Oskar Bynke

Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard

Dominick Purnomo

Yono's/dp An American Brasserie

Kwaw Amos

Gotham Winery/Oson Wines

Oscar Vizcarra

Becker Farms

Katie Roller

Opici: Upstate & Metro NY

Ami Opisso

Lieb Cellars

Charlie Marshall

The Marshal

Luke Haggerty

E & J Gallo Winery

Max Rohn

Wolffer Estate

Kim Wagner

Stoutridge Vineyard

Leah George VanScott

Greater Rochester Enterprise

Matt Doyle

Doyle Vineyard Management

Mike Colizzi

Kashong Glen Vineyards

Stefan Fleming

Empire State Development Corp.

Jan Nyrop

Cornell Agri-Tech-Director

Kevin King

NYS Dept. of Agriculture & Markets

Linda Purdy

Pendleton Farms

Julie Suarez

Cornell University

Rob Smith

National Grape Cooperative