More than an insurance agency or broker, we bring people, data, and intellectual value to design effective and well-priced Risk Management Programs for our clients.


Brady Risk Management

24 West Carver Street, 2nd Floor, Huntington, NY 11743
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With deep insight and specialized services, Brady Risk helps you proactively manage the complexity of your risk exposure resulting in significant cost savings and a more effective use of your premium costs.

Our approach takes a 360-degree view of your business that includes your management philosophy, operational goals, and a sharp focus on risk prediction in your daily operations. We protect your business from the traditional exposures that businesses face daily to unforeseeable and catastrophic events.

We see business insurance differently.
Today, business is as rewarding as it is challenging. Labor, materials, and overhead costs are rising. Established industry growth is steady, but new competition is raising customer expectations.

The Brady Risk philosophy is to look at emerging challenges and say, “Based on the knowledge and data of multiple disciplines, what is the best, different approach to protect against risk.”

Our Focus Areas
-Exposure and Loss Analysis
-Specialized Loss Control and Claims Management Programs
-Negotiations and Placement of Policies
-Accountability and Inspection Technology
-Increased Earning through Risk Management
-Cost Reduction through Unit Accountability Reports

Brady Risk Background
Brady Risk is a leading risk management firm that provides a wide range of products and services to the hospitality, agricultural, and construction industries among others. Founded in 1995, the firm is headquartered in Huntington, New York and serves clients throughout the United States.