The "Boldly, NY." Modern Farmer

Capacity Building Services for Tier 2 & 3 Members

Photo by Rima Brindamour.

With guidance and permission from our friends at the Lodi Winegrape Commission, the New York Wine & Grape Foundation is pleased to introduce the Boldly, NY. Modern Farmer pilot program. This pilot program will be designed to provide our Grower Members with additional tools to build their grape marketing skills and, over time, create a toolkit of materials, including a Grower Tech sheet to help them sell their grapes. 

To begin, we have engaged a small pilot group of growers to test and develop the program before NYWGF introduces it to members statewide. Members of the pilot group will be provided with:

  • Education on grape market(s) and pricing trends (in partnership with Cornell)
  • Seminars and Expert advice on defining and telling your story
  • Individual consultations to best capture the heart of your story
  • “Wow-the-buyer” professionally designed Vineyard Tech Sheets to use as tools as you attempt to sell your winegrapes and/or table grapes.

Upcoming Workshops

Email Jennifer Cooper for questions about membership or participation in this program.

Getting Started: Workshop Series

To begin, we need to know more about the playing field. What is the market for table grapes, juice grapes and wine grapes? How have those prices changed over time and what are the factors influencing this shift? What can be done to influence (and raise) the price of grapes? What role does storytelling and marketing play for growers now and in the future? 

Potential Sessions for Table Grape/Juice Producers vs. Wine Grape Growers 

  • How to tell your Farming Story to Buyers 
  • How to tell your Farming Story to Wine Grape Buyers 
  • How to tell your Sustainable Farming Story to Wine Grape Buyers  


Future topics in THE BOLDLY, N.Y. MODERN FARMER series may include sales and communication strategies for the reluctant salesperson, how to tell your story, how to find a niche market, networking, and more.  

Related Resources:

Vineyard Tech Sheets

“Having the basic stats of your vineyard block, the story behind your land and your family, and a gorgeous photo on one sheet of paper can do wonders to help you sell your grapes. To start with, it puts all the pertinent information about your vineyard both in your head and on paper – cohesively. Wineries are used to information in this format – they use tech sheets to sell bottles of wine to importers, retailers, and restaurants. [Here is an example of a great wine tech sheet.] When you – the grower – provide a winegrape buyer with an organized, professional, visually appealing representation of your vineyard, you are showing the buyer that you are organized, professional, and at least potentially appealing.” – Stephanie L. Bolton, PhD, Research & Education Director and Sustainable Winegrowing Director, Lodi Winegrape Commission

The NYWGF will provide members with professionally designed Tech Sheet templates, individual consultation to capture the heart of your story, and provide final versions for your review. 

Using Your Tech Sheets

Your final tech sheet will be delivered to you as a PDF file that you will be able to share with potential buyers via email and print. Feature your Tech Sheets on your website, send them out to your current customers, and keep copies on hand as much as possible – especially when attending networking opportunities. Integrate your story (and your Tech Sheets) into every appropriate interaction. 

If you are a winegrape grower, partner with your customers to help sell their wine. The better they do, the better you do! For wineries participating in NYWGF marketing activities throughout the year, we will make sure to include your tech sheets in event materials. Our virtual and in-person events reach hundreds (if not thousands) of trade and media from all over the world! Where possible, NYWGF will also include information in our educational initiatives such as the New York Wine Course & Reference, our upcoming workshop series with GuildSomm, and more. 

NYWGF will also feature Grower Tech Sheets on our own website and use them as the basis for stories throughout the year.