New York Wine Classic: Promotional Toolkit


We encourage wineries to celebrate your winning wines with digital and printed promotional images from competition partner, First in Print.

You can view options and download digital medals for free here:

Congratulations to all participating wineries on your outstanding performance at this year’s competition! Your dedication and expertise in winemaking have earned you well-deserved scores and medals. Now it’s time to share your success with the world and maximize the impact of your achievement. We encourage you to leverage social media platforms to spread the word and engage with your audience. Feel free to customize the sample text to reflect your winery’s unique voice and brand. Remember to include relevant hashtags, tag the New York Wine & Grape Foundation’s official accounts, and encourage your followers to share and celebrate your success. Let’s raise a glass together and shine a spotlight on the incredible wines of New York!

Sample Text for Social Media:

🏅 We are thrilled to announce that our [wine name] has been awarded the [Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze] medal in the 2023 New York Wine Classic! 🍇🥇 This recognition is a testament to our passion for winemaking and the exceptional quality of our wines. Thank you to the expert judges and our dedicated team for making this possible. Cheers! 🍷 #NYWineClassic #BoldlyNY #AwardWinningWine

✨ We are honored to receive a Best of Class Award for our [wine name] in the [class name] class at the 2023 New York Wine Classic! 🏆🍷 This achievement showcases our commitment to crafting wines of unparalleled excellence. Thank you to the judges and our incredible team for their hard work and expertise. We raise a glass to all who have supported us on this journey! #NYWineClassic #BoldlyNY #BestofClass

About the New York Wine Classic: Organized annually by the New York Wine & Grape Foundation, the New York Wine Classic celebrates a diverse selection of world-class wines from producers within the State. For the second year, NYWGF has partnered with the Beverage Testing Institute (BTI) to judge wines submitted from across New York state. Scores will be awarded by BTI’s trained sensory panel comprised of beverage directors, sommeliers, top bartenders, retail buyers and educators.


The materials on this page can be downloaded and used in promotion of this year’s competition. If you have a specific graphic request or question, contact Amy at