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InnoVint, Inc.

InnoVint is the perfect software solution for winemakers. As a company founded and built by winemakers, they understand the unique challenges and pain points of the industry. With their software, they take care of tedious tasks like data management, freeing up your time to focus on what really matters – your wine.

With a team of experienced professionals and the support of thousands of winery professionals, InnoVint is revolutionizing the wine production process, setting new standards for the industry. Trust InnoVint to improve your cellar workflow, automate your TTB compliance, and help you make informed, data-driven decisions. Plus, with their mobile experience, you can access all the functionality of the software from any location, even without an internet connection.

Sun Farmer’s Group, LLC

As an agricultural based business, you already must do more work by the time most other people have woken up than they will accomplish the entire rest of the day.

At the same time, you know there are many government grants, utility company subsidies, and tax credits available to help you save thousands of dollars every month on your power bill, by adopting new renewable energy technologies.

The challenge then is taking the time and effort to study and learn all the ins and outs of the process to put everything together for your business to take advantage of all these benefits.

This is where Sun Farmer’s Group comes in. Let us become a new member of your team to assist in the process.

Our focus is to provide you with a turnkey solution. One that will help you adopt the best renewable energy technologies on the market. And turn your dreams of reliable, renewable energy and money-saving solutions into a reality for your farm or agricultural business today.

Visit or call 877-417-3222.

TLF Graphics Inc

TLF Graphics Inc – A Specialty Graphics printing company with expertise in Wine, Spirits and Craft Brewery labeling. With a wide range of digital and traditional print processes, as well as digital foiling overlaid with a 3D effect, or a spot coating, TLF Graphics provides an unmatched labeling & service experience to help grow your business.

Arryved Point of Sale

Arryved is the most trusted point of sale system for food, drink, music, and hospitality spots. Our flexible, all-in-one system makes service easy and helps build genuine relationships. Designed by industry experts and enthusiasts, our smart technology, simple pricing, and world class customer support make Arryved a perfect choice for your growing winery.

Saratoga Associates, Landscape Architects, Architects, Engineers and Planners P.C.

Our firm has experience on projects ranging from comprehensive plans, to interior plans, to storm water management and historic preservation plans. As one of the top planning firms in the northeastern United States, Saratoga Associates has extensive expertise bringing together diverse groups of stakeholders and creating a shared vision based on complementary values and needs.

The Lyons National Bank

With more than 165 years in the business, LNB is a hometown bank focused on best serving our customers and enhancing the vitality of the neighborhoods in which we live and work. To us, banking is a face-to-face, local and personal experience. Stop into your local branch today and learn more about Hometown Banking today.

Imbibe Solutions (laboratory)

As a third-party quality control laboratory, Imbibe Solutions provides testing from grapes to bottle, including YAN, sugars and acids, bottle stability, and microbial testing. From individual tests to full lab management plans, we can help at a variety of levels, including test planning and scheduling, data compilation, result interpretation, and consultation. Visit to learn more. PS. We are located in Virginia!

Peter J. Schiller Corporation

The Peter J. Schiller Corporation is a distributor for the Optima Steamer, which sanitizes and cleans barrels, bottling machines, tanks, and general facility operations. The company also distributes the MacroAir HVLS large ceiling fans, Roberts Gordon gas fired radiant heaters, waste oil heaters, and a multitude of other related products and services that help clients reduce energy consumption and improve operational efficiencies.

HR One, Inc

HR One is a premier full-service payroll and human resource consulting firm. Since 1986, our team of experienced consultants has helped more than 1,000 organizations of all sizes and industries implement proven HR best practices and comply with complex state and federal employment regulations. We deliver proven, professional expertise to address both payroll administration and strategic aspects of HR so your management team can stay focused on the core business.

For information contact:

Jason Banuski

President & Senior Human Resource Consultant

[email protected]

(315) 252-9150

Glycol Blender

Glycol supplier for fermentation cooling systems and HVAC. Spent/used glycol removal from systems. Fluid management and testing programs to ensure proper chemistry of heat transfer fluid.

FLX International

FLX International is an export management agency that bridges international wineries with wine importers in Asia-Pacific markets. As your representative navigating complex import environments, we responsibly market family-owned wineries to build brands across the region. We have a presence in the Finger Lakes Region in New York, and Shanghai, China where FLX International continuously works to promote to, and engage with curious consumers seeking quality wines from the world’s most exciting wine regions. FLX International regularly works with importers in 9 different countries/regions and continues to deliver value for our client wineries from the United States, Italy, and Germany. We offer a full range of services for our partners, from export management strategy, depletion monitoring, export consulting, international sales & marketing, and international logistics.

ADA Site Compliance

Provide Americans with Disabilities Act website and PDF compliance auditing, remediation, consulting and training services.

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