New York State Wine Lab

Available to all NYS wineries

As New York wineries gain wider attention and praise, their products are sought nationally and even internationally. Importing countries may require a range of analytical tests before they will allow a wine to be and sold. The laboratory providing these tests must hold certain qualifications. As of January 2017, the Wine Analytical Lab, part of the Viticulture and Enology Program in the College of Agriculture and Life Science, has been approved through the TTB’s certified wine chemist program. The NYS Wine Analytical Laboratory provides affordable:

  • Juice Analysis
  • Wine & Cider Analysis
  • Distillate & Kombucha Analysis

They offer over 25 different chemical, microbiological, and sensory analyses at our facility in the Department of Food Science at Cornell’s New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, N.Y., for quality assurance, troubleshooting and federal regulatory compliance. 

The New York Wine & Grape Foundation offers a subsidy for any NYS winery testing grape-based products at the wine lab. Winery members save more based on their level of membership, as outlined in the table below.

NYWGF Membership Status Subsidy Amount
Non-Member NYS Wineries 25%
Tier 1 Winery 50%
Tier 2 Winery 60%
Tier 3 Winery 70%