Trade Wine Pack: Terms & Conditions

By submitting an application to receive complimentary wine, you confirm that:

  1. the contact information provided is your own, and that your employment status is current and verifiable.
  2. you are at least 21 years of age and are legally allowed to possess and consume alcohol.
  3. you agree to accept wine samples in exchange for participating in the seminars selected at the specified date and time. (To be confirmed prior to shipment of wine packs. Please note: Failure to attend may result in disqualification for receiving future wine packs.)
  4. you agree to receive communications from the New York Wine & Grape Foundation, and it’s partners, regarding these events as well as for marketing purposes. (If you would prefer not to receive special offers from our partners, let us know at

Note that submission of a registration form does not guarantee acceptance into a seminar and/or receipt of wine samples. Eligible participants for each seminar will be chosen pursuant to the verification of the credentials provided above, as well as the number of applications received. Most wine packs will be sent to qualifying trade and media that reside within New York State. We have a very limited amount of wine available for qualifying participants outside of New York State.

Wine packs are available to US residents only. However, if you are outside of the US, you are still welcome register and tune in for the seminar. If you would like information on seminars being produced for trade and media outside of the US, please email us at

Anyone not able to access the seminar live will be given access to the recording after the event.