Sustainably Farmed Wines of New York State

with Whitney Beaman

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What is sustainable wine, really? Ask five different people and you’ll get five different answers – maybe more! This is because sustainability is a catchall for the work winegrowers can do to conserve resources and make great wine for the long haul. Join us to discover how wineries in three of New York’s major AVAs are adapting to changes in climate and consumer preferences. Finally, taste the ultimate fruits of their sustainable farming practices through the five wines being featured in this seminar.

Featured Wines:
Hermann J. Wiemer 2017 HJW Bio Riesling
▸ Wölffer Estate 2019 Grapes of Roth Dry Riesling 
▸ Bedell Cellars 2017 Cabernet Franc 
▸ Silver Thread Vineyard 2018 Blackbird Red 
▸ Standing Stone Vineyards Farm Red (NV)

Whitney Beaman

This session was recorded live on:
October 29, 2020

11:00 AM EST


▸ Rich Olsen-Harbich, Winemaker, Bedell Cellars
▸ Dillon Buckley, Winemaker, Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard & Standing Stone Vineyards
▸ Paul Brock, Winemaker/Owner, Silver Thread Vineyard
▸ Roman Roth, Winemaker/Owner, Wölffer Estate Vineyard

About the Moderator:

Whitney is a sustainability specialist with a focus on cool climate sustainable winegrowing in New York State. Her decade of experience working in the Long Island wine industry is bolstered by degrees in Viticulture & Enology from Cornell University and Sustainability Management from Columbia University. She serves as the Program Manager of Long Island Sustainable Winegrowing where she manages grower relations, outreach and education, including the Sustainable Wine Professional course and the U.S. Sustainable Winegrowing Summit.