Top 5 Wine Consumer Engagement Strategies for 2020

Join Sandra Hess of DTC Wine Workshops, as she discusses Tasting Room & Direct-to-Consumer tactics to help New York’s wine industry excel. This webinar was provided by the New York Wine & Grape Foundation, recorded on May 20, 2020.

Items that will be covered:

  • Pre-Visit: Reaching new audiences with bundled wine/virtual experience offers through social ad campaigns, top website conversion tools, types of tickets and experiences that convert from social and email campaigns
  • At the Visit: Hospitality service training tips for front-line staff, mapping out visitor spaces, leveraging a Greeter on busiest days, when to offer club lounges, when to offer tours/tastings VS private experiences and replacing newsletter invitation with high converting invitations Hands-on Exercises Include: Leveraging tools from topic #2 above. What to do and what not to do.
  • Post Visit: Top tools for encouraging revisit within 60 days, on-boarding checklist for new members, assigning a private client manager for VIPs, etc
  • Re-engagement/Retention Strategies: including new member on-boarding checklist, bundling virtual tasting experiences with new Phone and eCommerce orders, case loyalty program Referral Business Strategies to Keep the Funnel Full- new qualified visitors monthly, large groups, corporate groups, private events, etc.

*In response to the growing need to address sales strategies in the wake of Covid-19, the New York Wine & Grape Foundation is pleased to provide this FREE webinar to ALL New York State wineries. We hope to provide a series of educational opportunities in the future in an effort to help create successful online strategies and DTC models for the industry.