New York Wines Export Program

For several years, the New York Wine & Grape Foundation has conducted an exciting Export Program with funding support from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS). The New York wines staff team, with the guidance of our Promotions Committee, Market Consultants, and Export Advisory Committee (made up of industry members) execute this program each year. The program year runs from July 1 – June 30.

The Export Program provides data, logistical resources, target market education, access to consultants in the field, and market activities like trade missions and large scale trade shows. The principal activities include “New York Wines” trade exhibits at major trade shows and consumer events; New York wine seminars with Master Sommeliers and key influencers in each market, publication of brochures and other literature; advertising and public relations; familiarization tours of New York’s wine regions for the press and trade; comprehensive educational resources such as the New York Wine Course & Reference, the Varietal Series; and meetings with key wine buyers.

  • All New York wineries are invited to participate in the program, regardless of their membership status with NYWGF.
  • There fee to be included in opportunities for each target market is $150 for the first market, and each additional market is $75
  • These fees, along with cost of wines submitted for tastings, travel time for events, staff time to coordinate shipping or wine drop off, participation in surveys to share success stories and sales data, as well as quarterly and year-end reporting should all be factored into the “cost” equation.

The general Program Overview and 2021-22 Advisory Committee Update will help ensure that participants are prepared with the information they need to make best use of program resources, that they understand the goals of the program, and their responsibilities to support those goals throughout the year. 

Export News

New York Wine & Grape Foundation Seeks Canadian Market Representative.

The New York Wine & Grape Foundation (NYWGF) has been a longtime partner of the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), providing marketing services for New York wineries interested in exporting their products to international markets. The NYWGF staff, Board Committee, In-Market Consultants, and Export Advisory Committee (industry members) execute the

Program Updates

Upcoming Events

Target Export Markets for New York Wines

Have you ever wondered how some New York wineries are selling their products successfully in international markets and garnering worldwide press? Much of the behind the scenes work is done by the New York Wine & Grape Foundation’s Export Program. We invite you to view our Export Program Overview to learn how exporting can help your winery achieve its goals. Or click below to learn more about the specific activities planned for each target market.

Western Europe

Our Western Europe team at Think Drink Global had a great first year as our in-market representatives! Join us for TDG’s overview of the European markets we’re active in and what the opportunities are for each (on-trade / off-trade and what wines sell well). The UK, France, Germany, and Scandinavia will be covered. They will also talk through the planned activities for the year, and introduce the opportunity for country specific consultations.


Our Canada in-market representatives, Robert Ketchin and Melissa Stunden, will provide an overview of the Canada market covering topics such as COVID-19 impacts on wines sales and marketing tactics, US/Canada trade relations, how wines are sold in Canada, opportunities for US and NY wines specifically with on- and off-trade including their wine preferences, challenges for entering the market, and more.


Join us in welcoming our newest in-market representatives from the Asahi Agency based in Tokyo. The Asahi Agency will provide an overview of the Japanese market and introduce their expert Team including wine specialist & educator Takenori Beppu, J.S.A. Sommelier, WSET Level3 Advanced. Akiko Kurose, our lead strategic partner at Asahi Agency, will talk about the wine landscape in the market, what wines sell well, and discuss market-specific opportunities and challenges.

China, Hong Kong, South Korea & Vietnam

Our Asia-Pacific in-market representative, Matthew McFetridge of FLX International, will provide an overview on the China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Vietnam markets. Matthew will talk about the wine landscape in each market, what wines sell well, and discuss market-specific opportunities and challenges.

New York Wines Making International Headlines

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