Grower Membership

Our membership programs and services are dedicated to supporting New York’s wineries and grape growers, and to improving their ability to succeed in a changing environment. NYWGF Membership provides two categories of benefits for growers* 1) basic business support services and 2) capacity building and educational services.

Tier 1 Membership

While Tier 1 membership benefits will be similar to years past, dues are now $50 regardless of acreage. This includes industry conference discounts, and access to a variety of informational webinars.

Tier 2 Membership

For those looking to expand or diversify your business model and build the capacity of your business, Tier 2 membership benefits will include access to enhanced webinars on topics like sustainable farming, and marketing your grapes. This membership package also provides access to one on one consulting with experts in areas like tax, finance, marketing, & sales. Dues will be $100 regardless of acreage.

*Grower membership is available to grape growers in New York State that DO NOT produce and sell wine. If you are a winemaker, please join as a winery member.

A comparison of membership benefits can be found below. Click here to join now.

Email Jennifer Cooper for assistance or questions about membership.

NYFB Members Save $50!

That means Tier 1 is FREE!
We have formed a strategic partnership with the New York Farm Bureau to offer any New York grape grower (w/o a winery operation) a $50 discount on their membership with NYWGF. Login on to view your members-only discount code.

Comparison of Grower Member Benefits

The membership term runs from April 1, 2024 – March 31, 2025.
  Non-Member NYS Grape Growers Tier 1 Membership Tier 2 Membership
Annual Membership Dues N/A $50 $100
Informational Webinars ✅ ✅ ✅
Industry Conference Discounts ✅ ✅ ✅
B.E.V. NY Conference Discount ❌ ✅ ✅
Basic Webinar Access $50/webinar ✅ ✅
Enhanced Webinar Access $150/webinar $100/webinar ✅
Access to Educational Library ❌ ✅ ✅
Access to the Farm Credit East Grants and Incentives Guide ❌ ✅ ✅
The Vine Hotline: Mengel, Metzger, Barr & Co. LLP Consulting ❌ ❌ ✅

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