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Wine 101

How a Wine Competition Works

Each year, I judge in about a dozen different wine competitions throughout the United States, but mostly in California.  I also get many questions from consumers about wine competitions: What are they?  How are they run?  Who are the judges?  What do the results mean? This article will answer those questions, and probably raise more.  In most cases, I’ll be referring to the competitions in which I serve as a

How to Read a Wine Label

According to Wine Vine Analytics, 36% of wine drinkers are confused by the information found on wine labels and 81% desire a label that is clear and easy to read. Wine labels provide useful information to assist consumers when making their wine purchases. Different countries have different labeling standards as to what is required on wine labels. In the United States, wine labels are regulated by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau of the U.S. Treasury Department (TTB). As you become more adventurous with your wine purchases, let us help clear up some of the mystery.