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A Holiday Roundup Featuring New York Wines

Wine Pairing Suggestions for Holidays and Every Day! With a world of choices for your holiday (and every day) table, why would someone choose a New York State wine over seemingly more well-known wines and regions? We answer with a consistent bold response and replace that question with… Of course, New York! Here are just a few reasons why. New York is different. People might not know that in one corner we’re

Restaurant Award Winner Noah Schwartz Embraces Local Food—And Wine Too

Farm-to-table restaurants aren’t just trending in New York, it seems they’re here to stay. For a decade now, scanning a menu to see how many local farmers, ranchers and cheese-makers are listed feels as de rigueur as reviewing the daily specials. But local wine? It’s an afterthought. Not for Noah Schwartz though. “We work closely with many of the local wineries and collaborate doing wine dinners,” Schwartz says, adding that

ten selections of cheese on a wood cutting board, seen from above.

10 Winning Cheeses for the 2021 New York Wine Classic Winners

A good rule of thumb – if it grows together, it goes together. A French wine has a high likelihood of pairing successfully with a French cheese! (Assuming you don’t forget about BALANCE.) These things share terroir – a sense of place! With that in mind, I tried to offer an American artisan cheese suggestion when it fits, four of which hail from the Empire State. I also considered the ancestral home of each grape and their local pairings!

Halloween Candy & New York Wine Pairing

Whether you steal a piece when no one’s looking, or you go full-tilt with a bucket all to yourself, we know you’re going to be digging into some Halloween candy this weekend. While you’re enjoying the sweet treats, we invite you to add a glass of your favorite New York wine! We know candy and wine isn’t exactly a traditional pairing… but why not have a little fun in the spirit of the season? We’ve listed some ideas to get you started, featuring the winners of last years New York Wine Classic.