New York Wines: Your Valentine’s Essentials

Love is in the Wine: Romantic Rosés, Sparkling Delights, and Silky Reds
A Virtual Tasting to Find the Perfect Wines for Valentine’s Day and Beyond.

Indulge in a journey through the heart of New York’s wine country with Sam Kimball, a WSET-trained sommelier and the co-founder of Crush Wine Experiences. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, February 7th at 6 PM ET for a unique and engaging virtual tasting experience.

Embark on a voyage into the realm of romance as we curate a selection of captivating wines, perfectly timed to complement the season of love. Against the backdrop of the year’s most romantic holiday, this virtual tasting promises to unveil the secrets of love, with a spotlight on exquisite rosés, effervescent sparklings, and velvety reds.

Join us in savoring award-winning wines that encapsulate the essence of Valentine’s Day, curated from four esteemed New York wineries:

  • North River Blanc de Blanc, Whitecliff Vineyard & Winery
  • Sweet Walter Rosé, Bully Hill Vineyards
  • 2020 Meritage, Wagner Vineyards
  • 2021 Pinot Noir Reserve, Colloca Estate Winery

Tune in to unravel the mysteries of wine and love, as you’re guided through each sip, revealing the nuanced tales behind these exceptional bottles. Don’t miss the chance to sip, savor, and celebrate in the comfort of your own space. Register now for an evening filled with exquisite wines, delightful company, and the magic of New York state winemaking.

Dive into the Romance of New York Wines

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