Don’t call it a pivot. For New Yorkers, adaptation is in our roots.

Next month will mark one year since the COVID-19 pandemic reached New York state. An unprecedented year? You can say that again! (Actually, do me a favor and don’t ever say that again.) But for all the uncertainty, stress, and heartbreak of this past year, the perseverance of our fellow New Yorkers is something we know we can always count on. 

We recently published an article about how the team at Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard responded to the pandemic. In response to shutdowns and regulations, many New York wineries have adapted their business models to stay afloat and, in many ways, have actually improved their customer experience. Reservation requirements, private seating, and streamlining service through the use of technology, have created elevated tasting room experiences that are receiving positive reviews from consumers eager to get out and explore New York’s wine regions safely.

A recent survey conducted at two Finger Lakes wineries examined how changes to the tasting room due to the COVID-19 pandemic may have impacted customer satisfaction and purchasing habits. Key findings indicate customers who make reservations spend significantly more money than those who do not, customers seem to prefer some of the changes made to the tasting room due to the pandemic over previous procedures, and almost 50% of tasting room visitors may be able to be converted to online customers. For more information about the survey, we encourage you to join us at the upcoming B.E.V. NY Virtual Conference for “Immediate and Long-term Business Model Adaptations in a COVID-19-Impacted Environment” on March 3rd, featuring speakers Trent Davis and Miguel I. Gómez. This session will help marketing managers, winery owners, and tasting room managers decide which changes to keep in place even after COVID-19 subsides.

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