Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery Triumphs with Top 100 Winery Award from Wine & Spirits Magazine

Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery, a pioneering name in the wine industry, has achieved yet another remarkable milestone by being honored with the prestigious Top 100 Winery Award from Wine & Spirits Magazine. This accolade serves as a testament to the winery’s unwavering commitment to producing exceptional wines that consistently captivate the palates of enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

Founded on the principles of innovation and quality, Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery has long been recognized for its groundbreaking contributions to the world of winemaking. The Top 100 Winery Award from Wine & Spirits Magazine further solidifies the winery’s position as a leader in the industry.

“We are grateful to Wine & Spirits Magazine for again choosing Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery to be included in their Top 100 Winery List,” says fourth generation owner Frederick Frank. “It is a great honor for us, and we are thankful to our dedicated winery and vineyard team for their hard work and constant pursuit of quality.”

Each year, Wine & Spirits Magazine meticulously evaluates wineries from around the world based on their performance of the wines in tastings, and consistently impressing the panels and critics with wines that deliver precise regional expressions. This year, Wine & Spirits tasted and assessed more than 9,000 wines.

Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery’s legacy traces back to Dr. Konstantin Frank himself, a visionary who revolutionized winemaking in the Finger Lakes region by introducing European grape varieties that thrive in the local climate. Today, the winery continues to build upon this legacy by producing a diverse portfolio of wines that highlight the region’s unique terroir.

The success of the wines tasted by Wine & Spirits were a combination of many factors integrating together. “The 2021 and 2022 vintages were classic Finger Lakes expressions,” said Mark Veraguth, Head Winemaker for over 30 years. “2021 brought fresh, cool-climate characteristics while in 2022, despite having very low yields due to winter damage, the grapes were extraordinary.” The 2021 Eugenia Dry Riesling ($35) received 91 points from Wine & Spirits and the 2022 Dry Riesling ($19) received 91 points and a Best Buy.

The Dr. Konstantin Frank 2018 Blanc de Blanc ($40), which received 93 points from Wine & Spirits, showed that exceptional wines could be made even in difficult vintages. “We picked our grapes for sparkling wines in early September, before the rains began, and we spent a lot of time controlling the gentle pressing of the grapes,” explains Sparkling Winemaker Eric Bauman. “The grapes were very clean. The vintage gave us fruit with bright acidity, gentle fruit concentration, and a delicate mouthfeel.” Bauman trained with J Vineyards and Piper Sonoma in California before joining Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery in 2005 where he trained with Barbara and Willy Frank.

“It is a huge honor to be awarded the Top 100 award from Wine & Spirits again this year,” says fourth generation vintner Meaghan Frank. “We are humbled to be among the finest and most cutting-edge wineries of the world! It is a testament to our incredibly hardworking team and an exciting win for us and the Finger Lakes region.”

This is the third time that Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery has won the Wine & Sprits Top 100 Award earning this recognition in 2016, 2019, and 2023. And earlier this year, the winery won #1 Best Winery Tour and #3 Best Tasting Room in the USA Today 10 Best Awards.

Picture of Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery

Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery

Established in 1962, Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery has been a trailblazer in the Finger Lakes wine region, crafting exceptional wines from European grape varieties. Embodying a profound passion for winemaking and an unwavering dedication to quality, the winery has earned global recognition and numerous awards for its commitment to excellence. Their vineyards on Keuka Lake are home to some of the oldest vines in the US with the 2nd oldest Pinot Noir vines in the country.