NYWGF Seeking Applications for Board of Directors 

Please submit your application by May 3, 2024. 

Every May the New York Wine & Grape Foundation (NYWGF) Board of Directors meets to elect members of the industry and interested stakeholders (like wine consumers) to board seats with expiring terms. The term of office for directors is three years and there are currently 22 members of the Board of Directors. Thirteen (13) board seats are statutorily mandated by the law that created NYWGF in 1985, and there are nine (9) at large board seats. NYWGF aims to establish a Board comprised of Directors representing a diversity of regions, business sizes and models, demographics, and functional professional expertise. 

The NYWGF Board of Directors is a “self-perpetuating” board by virtue of our bylaws. The organization feels that it is important to solicit the industry for interested applicants. While voting is not a ‘right’ of NYWGF membership, we do prioritize being transparent in this process and we appreciate the interest in participating on the board. Please note that the applications will all be reviewed, but that the final board member nominee(s) may come from the internal board process itself. 

This year, the NYWGF Board of Directors is seeking applications from New York table grape growers for the statutorily mandated one (1) table grape grower board seat and one (1) At Large board seat who will serve as Board Treasurer.  NYWGF is looking for mission-aligned individuals with strong collaboration, communication, implementation, and strategic skills. 

For the table grape grower board seat, we are seeking any New York grape grower that grows table grape varietals that are sold commercially either from a nursery, farm stand, through distribution, and/or at a New York State farmers market.  See NYWGF Board Job Description for more detailed responsibilities and expectations. 

For the At Large board seat, we are specifically seeking candidates who can serve as the Board Treasurer and be responsible for providing financial oversight and leadership for the organization’s finances and budget.  A skilled Board Treasurer should be able to translate financial concepts and information for board members who do not have financial backgrounds or substantial financial experience.  The Board Treasurer should keep the board apprised of key financial events, trends, and concerns, and their assessments of the organization’s fiscal health. 

See the position description here for more detailed requirements. 

Applicants for both open board seats should possess experience serving on non-profit boards and should be passionate about New York’s grape and wine industry. 

The NYWGF Board will review the applications and vote to elect new Board Directors at its May 29, 2024 Board Meeting. 

Click here to complete a Board Application and please submit your application by May 3, 2024. 
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