NYWGF taking steps toward a more equitable, inclusive, & sustainable future.

June marks the start of Pride Month when our nation celebrates the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ+) community. Brittany Gibson, Executive Director of the Seneca Lake Wine Trail, shared an excellent article earlier this week with her members on how they can support Pride Month activities. And CNET posted a comprehensive article on how to get involved with Pride Month both personally and from a business perspective. Everybody enjoys celebrating life, so let us throw open the doors to our “Big Tent” and invite everyone in to discover how New York wine always makes the best compliment to any occasion.

white text on black background: Diversity is our Strength. Unity is our Power.

Diversity is our Strength. Unity is our Power.

The team at the New York Wine & Grape Foundation feels it is important to start this week’s Press Deck with a note addressing recent current events. Speaking up about social or political issues is not what we are accustomed to doing, as the organization exists to conduct promotional and research programs on behalf of the grape and wine industry in New York. That being said, no one is accustomed