2024 Unity Award Nominations Process Announced

Awardees Honored at B.E.V. NY Conference, Donations Made on Winners’ Behalf to New York Nonprofits

NYWGF is pleased to provide our community with the opportunity to recognize the champions among us once again. You are invited to submit your nominations for the 2024 Unity Awards.

The Unity Awards were created in 1990 to recognize, encourage, and celebrate cooperation among grape growers, wineries, researchers, retailers, and others to advance the entire industry. Our industry has a rich history of working and succeeding together despite facing a variety of challenges through the years. Recognizing the longstanding and bold spirit of our community members and their numerous achievements, NYWGF has been proud to continue the Unity Awards tradition for 34 years.

In the spirit of the Unity Awards, NYWGF will continue what was started in 2022, by providing each winner with a cash award to be donated on their behalf to a New York based nonprofit of their choice. The nonprofit must be dedicated to education or promotion supporting the New York wine and grape industry or consumer education related to New York wine.

Please click here to learn more about last year’s winners of the Unity Awards and submit your nominations for 2024 by January 19, 2024. A full list of previous winners can be viewed here.

2024 Award Categories

Jim Trezise Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a lifelong commitment to the New York wine and grape industry and made impactful contributions that advanced the industry.

Phyllis Feder Unity Award

This award recognizes individuals who have volunteered their time, shown exceptional leadership, and achieved recognized results in building industry cooperation and unity.

Jim Finkle Industry Award

This award is intentionally broad in scope in order to recognize outstanding achievements in aspects of the industry not directly covered by Unity and other awards.

Grower Award

This award recognizes an individual for dedication and contributions to the New York grape industry.

Winery Award

This award recognizes a winery that has made major contributions to advancing the image and reputation of the New York wine industry.

Researcher Award

This award recognizes major contributions in the area of grape growing processing, and wine research.

Sustainability Award

This award recognizes an organization or winery that has exemplified sustainable practices.

Ron Reals Distributor Award

This award recognizes achievement in distributing and promoting New York wines.

Restaurant Award

This award recognizes excellence in promoting New York wines in a fine dining experience.

Retailer Award

This award is presented to wine stores which do an exceptional job in educating consumers about the quality and variety of New York wines.

Consumer Award

This award recognizes enthusiastic support of the New York wine industry and exemplifying the use of wine as part of a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Picture of New York Wine & Grape Foundation

New York Wine & Grape Foundation

The mission of the New York Wine & Grape Foundation is to promote the world-class image of New York grapes and wines from our diverse regions to responsibly benefit farmers, producers and consumers through innovative marketing, research, communication, and advocacy.