6 Must-Have POS Features For Your Winery

If you’re in the business of running a winery, you require a robust point of sale (POS) system to support your day-to-day tasting room operations. There are a lot of options out there available, so it’s key to hone in on the essentials. 

Here’s a list of 6 features to look for when considering a POS system for your winery:

woman holding a handheld POS terminal with group of people looking happy.

1.  Easy To Use

Are you wasting time with an archaic POS terminal?

This one is self-explanatory: you need an easy-to-use interface for both your guests and staff. Gone are the days of hitting multiple buttons on several different screens to ring in one order. With an easy-to-use and mobile POS, you have time to entertain, educate, and build meaningful relationships with your guests.

2. Online Ordering

Are you managing a separate system for your online orders? 

The pandemic trained customers to get all their favorite items to-go, and that expectation only accelerates as time goes on. Revenue from food and beverage ecommerce grew $8.2 billion in 2021 alone, and businesses are continuing to get more savvy with their online offerings. 

Make balancing an online store and on-premise sales seamless by consolidating everything into one system. With an easy-to-set-up, customizable store, you maximize your sales potential and set yourself up for long-term success in this growing ecommerce marketplace. 

3. Contactless Payments and Ordering

Are you set up to offer guests contactless options?

Options that allow your guests to pay and order faster is a must. Enhance your service by giving guests the power to start a tab, order, and pay from their own device—either on a mobile app or via QR code. In addition, embrace reader technology that allows guests to tap and pay with their credit card, or Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay.

4. Extensive Reporting Capabilities

Do you know which items are selling best at what quantity, when, and by which staff member?

Access to rich data catered to your winery is critical for maximizing operational efficiency and your guest experience. A cloud-based system gives decision makers access to data on the fly, providing immediate insight to sales numbers and labor costs. Long-term trends and insights will help you make the smartest staffing, service, and event decisions to optimize efficiency, revenue, and guest experience—whether it’s a slow, rainy Monday or a hopping, blistering Saturday.

5. Loyalty Program

Are you rewarding your most loyal fanbase?

Offering a loyalty program where guests can earn rewards drives traffic and inherently spreads the word about your winery through your satisfied customers’ mouths. 

With the support of your POS, you can track membership stats, points accrued and redeemed, and also communicate with members right from your POS portal. You know your guests the best, so a completely customizable program will let you decide what motivates membership and which promotion types to run.

6. Fast and Reliable Support Services

How quickly can you reach a real human for support?

Good customer support is priceless, and your POS either has it, or doesn’t. 

Your point of sale system is central to your business. So when you’re hustling in the midst of the summer rush and you need help, you need it quickly and from a friendly, knowledgeable partner who knows what you’re dealing with. Fast and reliable support is essential for keeping your winery moving without interruption. 


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