Adaption and innovation to be key themes at upcoming Cornell virtual event for the wine and grape industry

Despite the pandemic, wine and grape producers, managers, researchers and industry professionals will have access to expertise spanning many different business, enology and viticulture topics at the upcoming B.E.V. NY [Business. Enology. Viticulture.] conference from March 3-5.  All sessions will be virtual with a focus on how to not only adapt but innovate all levels of operations. 

B.E.V. NY is an annual grape and wine conference presented by Cornell’s Finger Lakes Grape Program and the Enology Extension Laboratory, in partnership with the New York Wine and Grape Foundation (NYWGF). The conference invites policy, business, viticulture, integrated pest management and enology experts to address important issues and provide practical information for the wine and grape growing community. The virtual element this year makes it ideal for industry members outside of New York as well.

Business related highlights of this year’s event include how to leverage technology to accelerate sales, business model adaptation in a COVID-19 impacted environment, virtual event coordination, marketing misunderstood wines and the importance of wine label design in marketing and sales.

Enological expertise at the event will focus on topics such as optimal and productive grape harvesting, new thoughts on cold stabilization, how to use materials others than stainless steel and European red wine production trends.

The viticulture program will showcase sessions on the impact of climate change on vines and lakes, spotted lanternfly, downy mildew and weed management, sustainable viticulture, digital vineyard mapping and cover crop species.

Access to this year’s B.E.V. NY conference can be gained by registering online at The NYWGF is offering one free ticket to the event for any New York winery or grower that joins or renews their foundation membership by February 26th.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT B.E.V. NY: Contact Gemma Osborne, conference coordinator; [email protected] or (315) 787-2248.

NYWGF Members: Claim your FREE Ticket Today!

NYWGF is offering one (1) FREE ticket to B.E.V. NY for ANY New York winery or grower that joins or renews their foundation membership by February 26th. Click here to join now and take advantage of this special offer. (a $100 Value!)

Members will be able to claim their free ticket (including access to B.E.V. NY session recordings) through NYWGF after completion of membership application and payment. Additional tickets must be purchased through the conference website. If you have questions about this special offer, or the status of your New York Wine & Grape Foundation membership, contact Jennifer Cooper at [email protected].

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