Meet Oakley, Arlo & Finley – Man’s (& Woman’s) Best Friends

As we celebrate Father’s Day this weekend, it’s a perfect time for another edition of New York’s winery dogs – a fitting tribute to man’s best friend. This month’s winery dogs live and work (or rather play), just over the hill from one another. Oakley, a hound/lab mix spends his days at Wagner Winery on Seneca Lake while Arlo, an English Springer Spaniel and Finley, an English Cream Golden Retriever spend their time in the vineyards at Sheldrake Point Winery on Cayuga Lake. These pups have transformed the lives of their owners and all who visit them. In today’s world, they remind us to enjoy the little things, be thankful that we have one another, to love, and to enjoy life to its fullest.  

Discover the winery pups that bless New York’s wineries with fervor, joy, and affection that make the New York’s wineries even more special. Whether they’re providing some extra excitement in the winery and tasting room, assisting staff in the vineyard, or just plain being cute, there’s no doubt that these winery dogs are busy living the good life.  

Wagner Vineyards

Name: Oakley 
Owner: John & Debbie Wagner, Owners 
Breed: Plott Hound/Lab mix 
Age: 2 ½ years 
Position at Winery: Security guard 
Favorite Treat: Almost empty yogurt container
Favorite Toy: Deer antler  
Favorite Place to Relax: In the vineyard crew’s John Deere Gator 
Favorite Pastime: Diggin’ for ground vermin
Pet Peeve: People trying to take pictures of him – he’s kinda camera shy 
Obsession: Diggin’ for ground vermin 
Naughtiest Deed: Digging in Mom’s flower beds for said vermin

Sheldrake Point Winery

Name: Arlo 
Owner: Greg Dlubac, Assistant Winemaker  
Breed: English Springer Spaniel 
Position at Winery: Assistant Winemaker Shadow 
Favorite Treat: Elk antlers 
Favorite Toy: Toys are for the weak, my owners and an elk antler are all I need 
Favorite Place to Relax: Relax? This place is stressful! 
Favorite Pastime: Sleeping on the couch 
Obsession: Getting his ears rubbed 
Naughtiest Deed: Leaving “surprises” in my owner’s shoes 

Sheldrake Point Winery

Name: Finley 
Owners: Ryan Fessenden, Vineyard Assistant 
Breed: English Cream Golden Retriever 
Age: 3 
Position at Winery: Branch Manager, Weed Removal Specialist, or Fertilizer Applicator 
Favorite Treat: Peanut Butter 
Favorite Toy: Stuffed mallard duck 
Favorite Place To Relax: In the shade of the tractor 
Favorite Pastime: Swimming in Cayuga Lake 
Obsession: Squirrels 

Picture of Jennifer Cooper

Jennifer Cooper

Jenn manages Membership and Events at the New York Wine & Grape Foundation.