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Meet Oakley, Arlo & Finley – Man’s (& Woman’s) Best Friends

As we celebrate Father’s Day this weekend, it’s a perfect time for another edition of New York’s winery dogs – a fitting tribute to man’s best friend. This month’s winery dogs live and work (or rather play), just over the hill from one another. Oakley, a hound/lab mix spends his days at Wagner Winery on Seneca Lake while Arlo, an English Springer Spaniel and Finley, an English Cream Golden Retriever spend their time in the vineyards at Sheldrake Point Winery on Cayuga Lake. These pups have transformed

Meet Rocky Road, Birdie & Fenway: New York Winery Dogs

Dogs give us plenty to be thankful for. Their ability to feel happiness so effortlessly teaches us to remember life’s simple pleasures, to live in the moment, and to love unconditionally. New York State’s winery dogs transform the lives and experiences of everyone who has the pleasure to meet them. Discover the winery pups that serve as greeters, morale builders, sales pooches, and vineyard helpers to make New York’s wineries