Meet Rocky Road, Birdie & Fenway: New York Winery Dogs

Dogs give us plenty to be thankful for. Their ability to feel happiness so effortlessly teaches us to remember life’s simple pleasures, to live in the moment, and to love unconditionally.

New York State’s winery dogs transform the lives and experiences of everyone who has the pleasure to meet them. Discover the winery pups that serve as greeters, morale builders, sales pooches, and vineyard helpers to make New York’s wineries even more special. Whether they’re checking the stability of wine packaging, greeting staff and guests, or just plain being cute, there’s no doubt that these winery dogs are busy living the good life!

Channing Daughters Winery

Name: Rocky Road
Owner: Dubin Tracy Family
Breed: Australian Cattle dog mixed breed
Age: 2
Position at Winery: Greeter
Favorite Treat: Fish
Favorite Toy: Squeaky tug-o-war toys
Favorite Place To Relax: In a sunny spot where he can see everything
Favorite Pastime: Greeting people, playing with dogs, chasing small animals
Pet Peeve: Being stuck in Christopher’s office on leash
Obsession: Chasing small animals (rabbits, squirrels, voles, birds, etc.)
Naughtiest Deed: Digging up grass going for voles and moles
Rocky Road Stories: He likes to scare the pants off his humans by climbing pallets of wine cases like a mountain goat and running out on the jetties when the family goes fishing. 

Lieb Cellars

Name: Birdie 
Owner: Ami Opisso, GM 
Breed: Golden Retriever 
Age: 9 weeks 
Position at Winery: Chief of #TeamLieb Morale 
Favorite Treat: Peanut Butter 
Favorite Toy: Anything that ISN’T a dog toy! 
Favorite Place To Relax: Under the stools at the Bridge Lane Tasting Room 
Favorite Pastime: Getting pet and biting pants 
Pet Peeve: Having to sleep in a crate 
Obsession: Attention 
Naughtiest Deed: Waking her mom up at 4:00am

Thirsty Owl Wine Company

Name: Fenway 
Owners: Jon & Jen Cupp 
Breed: Lab/Boxer/Bulldog mix 
Age: 5 years 
Position at Winery: Bouncer/door watch duty  
Favorite Treat: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches 
Favorite Toy: Nerf tennis ball launch shooter 
Favorite Place to Relax: At the Tasting Room front door so she can look out at who is coming in or under Jon’s desk right next to his legs 
Favorite Pastime: Watching the Red Sox and chasing after squirrels  
Pet Peeve: People with hats, hoodies or beards and Yankee fans. 
Obsession: Looking out the window for “intruders” or birds and squirrels. 
Naughtiest Deed: Begging for food and getting into the garbage every once in a while.

Jennifer Cooper

Jennifer Cooper

Jenn manages Membership and Events at the New York Wine & Grape Foundation.