New York Sustainable Winegrowing Vineyard Certification Enrollment Open Now

The New York Sustainable Winegrowing program is excited to announce that applications are now open for the Vineyard Certification process. 

Following the success of our pilot in 2022, the program is now open to all wineries in New York. The NYWGF Sustainable Winegrowing program provides a pathway to voluntary third-party certification that verifies vineyards are using the best practices to ensure environmental, social, and economic sustainability of New York Wine. 

Sam Filler, NYWGF Executive Director, “The New York Sustainable Winegrowing program is a strategic priority of the NYWGF Board of Directors’ and is intended to support the resiliency and continued growth of the New York wine and grape industry.  NYWGF’s statewide, national, and international education and marketing plans will prominently feature sustainably produced wines that both trade and consumers will recognize in the marketplace.” 
Certification is based on regionally defined sustainability standards compiled in the annually reviewed VineBalance workbook. This workbook consists of 144 action items addressing input reduction, soil health, water protection, resources and waste, energy conservation, ecosystem health, climate resiliency, continuous improvement, and social equity. If a vineyard meets all requirements and is certified through the New York Sustainable Winegrowing program, they may market their vineyard and grapes as such. 

Bottles of wine produced with at least 85% certified grapes will be able to display the New York Sustainable Winegrowing Trustmark indicating the winery’s dedication to environmental and social sustainability. The first certified bottles should be hitting shelves in 2024, so keep an eye out and support sustainable New York Wine. 

To learn more or apply for certification click here

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