Improve Your Yield & Quality, Lower Production Costs, and Conserve Labor & Resources with the MyEV Tool

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The Efficient Vineyard approach involves measuring and collecting data on soils, canopy, crop size, and fruit quality; combining direct vineyard measurements and/or sensor data into valuable viticulture knowledge for vineyard managers; and developing variable rate vineyard prescription maps to improve yield and quality, lower production costs, and conserve labor and environmental resources. The FREE MyEV Tool has brought this vision to reality for growers and wineries.

This week, thanks to support from the National Grape Coop, we sat down with Dr. Terry Bates, Director of the Cornell Lake Erie Research & Extension Laboratory (CLEREL) and Nick Gunner CEO, Chief Platform Engineer & Lead Designer for Orbitist to discuss the Efficient Vineyard Project and the MyEV tool.  

Over the past 16 years, Terry and his colleagues have worked with Carnegie Mellon University, Rochester Institute of Technology, the National Grape Research Alliance, and many others to develop the Efficient Vineyard Project. The overall goal of the project is to help growers and wineries develop a game plan to guide precision viticulture using spatial data driven, variable rate vineyard management to help them achieve efficient vineyard-wide production.   

Interested in learning more? Check out the recording and PowerPoint from this week’s session below and head to the Efficient Vineyard website for additional background and information, to watch tutorials, and more. 

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