January Fireside Chat with Sam Filler & Special Guests

While we are eager to see you all in person soon, for now we invite you to join us online to have the discussions we might have had in your offices or your tasting rooms. The Fireside Chat series provides a forum to discuss the issues affecting your businesses and our community. Let’s share challenges, innovations, best practices, and ‘feel good’ stories. Let’s share ways we can help each other and ways the New York Wine & Grape Foundation can continue to best serve you.

Our Fireside Chat in January was focused around the New York Grape Growers. Topics include an update on new Grower Membership Tiers and the benefits provided within each. We also talked about NYWGF’s new marketing campaign roll-out plan. We welcome you to share your ideas on how we can best shine a spotlight on New York’s growers.

This session was recorded live on January 21, 2021 by the New York Wine & Grape Foundation. To learn about upcoming events in this series, visit our event calendar.

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New York Wine & Grape Foundation

The mission of the New York Wine & Grape Foundation is to promote the world-class image of New York grapes and wines from our diverse regions to responsibly benefit farmers, producers and consumers through innovative marketing, research, communication, and advocacy.