New York Wine & Grape Foundation Unveils New Logos, Resources to Promote State’s Unique Wine Regions and Commitment to Sustainable Winegrowing

Wineries, Growers, Trade, Media, Marketing Associations, and Funders are Invited to Attend Upcoming Brand Expansion Training on October 5th.

September 20th, 2023 – Penn Yan, NY — The New York Wine & Grape Foundation (NYWGF) is pleased to announce the culmination of its Brand Expansion project in partnership with Born Collective. The goal of this initiative, which began in April 2022, was to create tools and resources designed to increase the recognition of the New York wine and grape industry to global trade, media, and consumer audiences.

NYWGF is now proud to provide a comprehensive ‘New York Wines Marketing Toolkit’ online, including a range of new regional assets, an updated Boldly, NY. logo, and all-new ‘New York Wines’ and ‘Sustainable Winegrowing’ logos. Assets and Brand Guidelines are available for download on-demand here.

The New York Wines Marketing Toolkit was created based on feedback from wineries, restaurants, retailers, and other stakeholders. The toolkit includes regional graphics and taglines for each of New York’s seven major AVAs, informational flyers, a brochure, maps, posters, videos, sample advertising, and social media language that will help accurately and artfully tell the story of our community, including its commitment to sustainability.

All interested wineries, growers, and global trade, media, and other partners are invited to learn more about the New York Wines Brand Expansion on October 5th, 2023, from 10 AM – 12 PM EST. During this webinar, participants will learn about the process that shaped the final assets, how they work together to tell the story of New York Wines, and how to best use the tools in your own promotion. Please click here to RSVP.

Sam Filler, Executive Director of NWYGF said, “We are thrilled to unveil the results of this initiative to the world. The Brand Expansion project was truly a community-led effort, with a significant amount of time dedicated to gathering feedback from leaders in the winery, grower, retail, and restaurant spaces. We extend our deep thanks to those that contributed their knowledge and expertise. We also appreciate the guidance of the Born Collective team and look forward to evolving our Marketing Toolkit regularly to consistently and accurately tell the story of New York wines to a global audience and best meet the needs of our diverse stakeholders.”

Wendy Wilson Oakes, Board Chair of NWYGF said, “We are proud to play our part in supporting the efforts of those already working so diligently to expand the brand presence of New York Wines, both here in the states and throughout our international markets. The NWYGF Board of Directors is dedicated to continued investment in projects and programs like these that improve our marketing outreach every year.”

Robert Madill, Promotions Committee Chair of NYWGF said, “As a wine educator and former winery owner, I am proud to see New York launch a powerful marketing toolkit that also serves a very important educational purpose. These tools will be integral for any trade, media, or consumer seeking to learn more about what makes New York wine so special, including our unique regional distinctions. NYGWF’s newly released assets will inspire people to begin their New York wine journey and support them along the way.“

Valerie Venezia-Ross, Director of Programs and Marketing said, “We are excited to finally share these assets with our community and with the global champions of New York wine everywhere. Our partners here in the States and abroad deserve engaging, dynamic, high-quality tools to help tell the story of our world-class wine region that is quickly becoming the darling of those ‘in the know.’ With the help of these assets and our partners’ efforts, New York Wines will no longer be a well-kept secret.”

The New York Wines Resources page will be updated regularly with foreign language versions of current assets, as well as new or revised assets based on feedback from members, program participants, consumers, and members of the trade, and media. Feedback may be submitted online here.

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