NYWGF Sustainability Program Offers Soil Health Scholarships

The NYWGF Sustainability Program is pleased to offer scholarships to the Advanced Soil Health Virtual Certificate Course offered by the Cornell University Soil Health Program. This online course will take place December 4th – 11th from 8am to 11:30am and will include live sessions with soil health experts on December 6th, 8th, and 10thHarold van Es, Cornell University Professor of Soil and Water Management, and Joseph Amsili, Extension Associate  for the Cornell Soil Health Program, will lead the course. 

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Healthy soil is the foundation of a healthy vineyard. It is important to practice soil health management throughout the year to reduce erosion, improve infiltration, sequester carbon, and foster a diverse soil microbiome to maximize nutrient uptake in the vine. The goal of offering these scholarships is to improve the sustainability of the New York wine and grape industry through enhanced grower and winery education in the critical area of soil management. 

Training includes virtual lectures, self-study, and a project. Coursework covers principles, metrics, and management practices for soil health. Scholarships are available to all wineries and vineyards in New York State, regardless of membership in the NYWGF. Scholarships are limited to (1) per winery or vineyard operation. Please complete this brief online form to apply. 

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