Waterloo Container to Enhance Shrink Sleeve Capability

With an eye to the future of wine and spirit bottle labeling, Waterloo Container has invested in a new state-of-the-art repack line which includes a shrink sleeve labeler featuring the R-250 TSER Evolution labeler by PDC international Corporation.

This high-speed labeler features unique mandrel design capable of sleeving non-round bottles, and a proprietary cutting system which allows sleeve application at a rate of 50 to 300 containers per minute.   The system will also support a zero-downtime, splice-on-the-fly accumulator, and secondary unwind reel that allows roll changes without halting production.   Tooling will include seven new application mandrels which will afford customers a wide range of bottle options compatible with the sleeve applicator.

Facilities and Operations Director Dan Buck has been managing the new line installation.  “Our new line offers several convenient customization options including box print and repack.  Incorporating this state-of-the-art sleeve applicator and steam tunnel into the design was a key aspect of our dedication custom fulfillment and package customization.”

Installation of the new sleeve applicator and tunnel is expected to be completely operational by mid-summer.  For smaller jobs and those requiring hand applied application, we will continue to sleeve on the current production line.

Bill Lutz, President, with New PDC Sleever

“We offer many helpful services including glass printing and repack to provide complete packaging solutions to our customers.   After a noted increase in demand for this type of versatile label, we decided to enhance our shrink sleeve application service with state-of-the-art equipment, and we look forward to starting production with our new sleever. We fully expect the reduced scrap rate and improved consistency will save our customers money in the long run.” says Bill Lutz, Owner and President of Waterloo Container Company.  “At the same time, we will maintain our smaller line to offer the same service for smaller runs and hand-applied sleeves.”

After application, shrink sleeve labels are heated or steamed to shrink to conform to the shape of the bottle.  Waterloo Container will employ the use of new five zone steam tunnel to shrink the sleeves after application.  This combination will ensure a great looking customized product.

“At trade shows, customers are always asking for ways to differentiate their products” Bobbi Stebbins, Marketing Director at Waterloo Container says, “shrink sleeves are a great way to upgrade a label, perk up an existing brand or create a new one”.  With custom sleeves, graphics and text are pre-distorted to shrink into the correct space and shape on the bottle, therefore many bottle shapes and sizes can be utilized.  Any winery looking for a cost-effective way to get a new look for their brand, or to diversify their product offerings with eye catching design should consider shrink labeling.  Sleeves are a great way to get a full 360 degrees of design space and can be enhanced with special effects and textures to stand out on the shelf”.

If you are interested in shrink sleeve application at Waterloo Container, please contact 315-539-3922 or email [email protected].

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