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Waterloo Container

Shrink Sleeve Labels Offer Customization and Creative Solutions

When it comes to product appeal, packaging is paramount. To capture a customer’s attention, you need packaging that showcases your brand in the best possible light and entices a customer to move your product from the shelf to the shopping cart. Waterloo Container’s sleeving process uses color, 360 design, feel and coverage to turn an ordinary bottle into something extraordinary — a captivating and cost-effective work of art that can

Waterloo Container is more than just bottles; It is time to think about the box!

Your outer packaging says something about your wine before your customers taste the wine! Look around your winery and see what your customers see. Are there plain cases of wine sitting in plain sight of your visitors? The corrugated boxes your wine bottles are packaged in should be considered almost as important as the primary bottle you fill. Boxes have prime marketing space and can be artfully paired with your

Control Oxygen Ingress at the Closure

Sponsored by Waterloo Container and Vinventions Today’s modern closures allow a winemaker to control the maceration of their wine in the bottle after bottling. The trick is knowing exactly what can be controlled by the closure. Join our presenters as they examine the process of bottling and the shelf-life expectations for various closures. This session will also include some inside notes on how to audit your bottling line too! Click

Waterloo Container to Enhance Shrink Sleeve Capability

With an eye to the future of wine and spirit bottle labeling, Waterloo Container has invested in a new state-of-the-art repack line which includes a shrink sleeve labeler featuring the R-250 TSER Evolution labeler by PDC international Corporation. This high-speed labeler features unique mandrel design capable of sleeving non-round bottles, and a proprietary cutting system which allows sleeve application at a rate of 50 to 300 containers per minute.   The

Small Packaging Upgrades that make a BIG Difference on the Shelf

Join us for this Business Partner Spotlight on Waterloo Container. About this event Get more bang for your buck (and your brand) with small upgrades and changes to your packaging that can drive DTC sales in a BIG way! In this presentation, Waterloo Container will offer helpful hints and recommendations for more effective customization, working within today’s challenging container supply chain environment, and improving your packaging presentation and marketability. Click

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Things to Consider When Choosing Your Packaging Supplier

Waterloo Container proudly supports the industry that supports us by maintaining a Business Associate Membership with the New York Wine & Grape Foundation. Offering insights into packaging related topics is another important way we help members make good choices with their hard-earned money and all-important brand. Whether new or established, successful wineries must re-examine packaging supply choices regularly. A good place to start is with your packaging provider. Things to Consider When